To PERFORM well in school and be motivated to work hard, we believe that each child must have a dream.

ORPHANS do not have parents to inspire them and push them to dream big.  MOREOVER, they tend to live a hard life and are victims of stereotypes on their socio-economic statuses. 

As a consequence, they lose confidence which affects both their results in school and their life aspirations.

What matters is not where you come from but where you want to go.   

What matters is not where you come from but where you want to go. 


What we do?

To help them to keep dreaming, we implement two types of mentorship.


First, we create close links with them and through sharing our personal life stories, we try to act as a role model for them.


Second, we organise weekly events where we present inspiring people they can identify to in order to prove to them that nobody and nothing should prevent them for being the persons they want to become.

In addition to this, we thrive to develop their job aspirations and work as a family towards their goals. We make them feel that each dream is also the dream of the other children and that success is a collective outcome.



examples of mentorship sessions


Push up your limits! Inspired by MIKE HORN.


During this event, we made children understand that they can
do anything they dream of despite the current material obstacles they face.

To emphasize this, we used Mike Horn’s extraordinary life story to inspire the children.

Mike Horn is South African explorer. Before embracing this path, he was a successful businessman. However, he decided to leave his country and gave away all his belongings including his house to make sure there would not be any possible return. 

Then, he went to the airport and took the first flight available i.e. Switzerland. When he got there, nobody wanted to hire a foreigner and he was left with no money. He decided to live in the forest and learned how to survive by hunting and fishing .

He learned that in any situation he could always adapt and make the most of it. Later, he found a way to finance a world tour on the equator i.e. something that nobody did before him.

He left from Gabon in Africa by boat to reach South Africa. He crossed the jungle and ate the food he was hunting or fishing. He thought he was going to die many times and he did things he never thought he could manage to do. He always thrived to push his unknown limits.

He is now travelling the world, living is passion while constantly learning.  He also gives conferences as a motivational speaker.

MIKE HORN LATITUDE 0° The Film English version.

The value of education. Inspired by Nelson Mandela.

EVENT HOLD ON 22 OF August 2017


During this event, our mentoring director Pauline John emphasized to the children the importance of education in their lives. She underlined that education is key to success and happiness through its impact on many aspects of people’s lives.   

By nature, human beings have to overcome hurdles of different nature and tackle many challenges through their lives. Education can be an invaluable tool to face obstacles. It empowers minds and enables people to develop critical thinking in the face of adversity.

Education is a social good with great spillover effects. It is the only thing that can reduce corruption, unemployment or environmental problems. We want to make sure that our kids understand that education is not just about having a degree but also about how you can live on your own feet.

Pauline made sure that children keep in mind that education is their passport for a richer life and freedom. It is also for them a chance not only to become better persons but also to contribute later to the improvement of their community. As Nelson Mandela reminded us, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


Make your dream come true!



One of our children i.e. Daniel Said wants to be a pilot.

Despite a hard life, his dream has pushed him to constantly work hard in school and he is currently the top student of his class. 

To reward him for his great achievements and encourage him further, we thought it would be extremely beneficial to him to have his first flight experience.

Thanks to Precision Air, which is a Tanzanian airline that has very good reputation in Africa, Daniel's dream came true for a day.

He first met the captain to discuss how he should proceed to become a pilot. Then, he had the chance to spend a whole flight from Dar es Salaam to Tabora with the captains to familiarise with the plane. 

For him, it was not only the best push he could hope for but also his first experience outside his town. He discovered a big city, saw the beach for the first time and came back full of memories. 

He told us that he will keep dreaming more than ever and make sure his dream will come true.

We want to address a big thank you to Precision Air for their kindness and professionalism for making Daniel's flight experience unforgettable.


Inspire Kids!

You can TAKE PART DIRECTLY IN OUR PROJECT AND INSPIRE KIDS! TO DO SO, YOU CAN tell us about someone whose life story could inspire our kids so we can share it with them in our weekly mentorship events. You can also tell us about your own life experience and we would be happy to use it as a role model for our kids.