Examples of events organized by Codewa



Provision of nutritional porridge flour to the kids.


One of the main missions of CODEWA is to ensure that kids do not go to school with an empty stomach. The following event aimed to distribute to the kids their monthly provision of porridge. In order to make sure that children understand the benefits of such nutritious breakfasts,  our team informed the kids on the nutriments  of the flour and explained to them how it is going to increase their energy in school and to improve their health.


Mentoring event to push kids to dream big!


The objective of our sessions are to push children to “Believe and dream big”. An example that our Mentoring director chose to inspire our kids is Marc Mero. We believe that Marc Mero can be a good example for them because he is a remarkable example of abnegation and shows that anyone can achieve his goals and dreams if he keeps on believing in his future and never give up. Besides this, Marc Mero gave us the opportunity to think together of how kids should carefully think in order to make right choices in their lives. 

Our kids tend to face more obstacles than other kids of their age, which makes it sometimes longer for them to succeed. However, as Marc Mero teaches us, life is not about winning the race, it is about finishing the race and see how many people we can all help finish this race. As you can see in the following pictures, kids were very attentive and curious during the event.


Hand wash training.


Our health and nutrition director Mr Christian Urassa taught children how to wash their hands properly, when to wash them and why it is very important that they do so. After theoretical explanations in class, all children washed their hands in the most suitable manner under the supervision of Christian.