Health and nutrition

We believe that health and nutrition is the main obstacle that prevents children from performing in school.


Most children that CODEWA
supports only have 1 meal per day.

This has several consequences:

> They are often hungry while at school and cannot fully focus

> They tend to be weaker and more exposed to diseases 

> Some of them suffer from growth stunting 

> These children are also more exposed to diseases since they live in environments with poor hygiene 



What we do?

To ensure that every child can go to school and make the most of his potential, we provide them with highly nutritive porridge every morning


CODEWA’s team raises awareness to the kids on the contents of the flour and gave nutritional education to them about the content of the flour and how it is going to help them.


To prevent diseases, we engage with local communities and share good hygiene practices.


To make sure that children are not left alone if they fall sick, we provide them with health insurance and bring them to hospital when needed.






examples of actions


Free Health insurance cards for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)


Optimizing the early years of children’s lives is the best investment we can make as CODEWA in ensuring their future success.

In order to make sure that our kids can study without worrying about most frequent diseases in Tanzania such as malaria or typhoid, we provide them with health insurance. Carers often cannot bear the costs of the insurance and most of the time need support to register children because they cannot read. As a consequence, many orphans are left without health insurance and are exposed even more to diseases, which may affect their schooling outcomes.

Thanks to a generous donation from Nilgun Duysak from Turkey, our kids now have health insurance cards for the upcoming year and feel safer.

They will be eligible  for free treatment and complete care, without incurring any additional fees in the all local dispensaries and clinics for one year

These health insurance cards will help the beneficiaries in the following aspects:

  1. Access to health care
  2. Reduce stress for them and their caregivers
  3. Improve their health status
  4. Make them more productive in school


Hand Wash Training


Our health and nutrition director Mr Christian Urassa taught children how to wash their hands properly, when to wash them and why it is very important that they do so. After theoretical explanations in class, all children washed their hands in the most suitable manner under the supervision of Christian. 


Nutritional Training 


Eating healthy is a key component of child development. CODEWA is working hard to make sure orphans and vulnerable children are eating and living in a healthy manner.

As Nicole Henderson said “The early years are when you give your child a foundation for establishing a proper diet. If kids learn about the importance of eating healthy early in their lives, they will not have to relearn as an adult.”


On 12/08/ 2017 our team Ms Pauline, Mr Fredrick and Mr Sadath spent the afternoon at Town Primary school to train orphans and vulnerable children on what healthy food means and on the importance of eating better food with key nutrients.

After detailed nutritional education to the kids our team as its culture was provided monthly porridge flour to the kids for the use of August. Then after provision of porridge we got the drinks and bites together with the kids while narrating  various motivational and inspirational stories.



Provision of nutritional porridge flour to the kids.


One of the main missions of CODEWA is to ensure that kids do not go to school with an empty stomach. The following event aimed to distribute to the kids their monthly provision of porridge. In order to make sure that children understand the benefits of such nutritious breakfasts,  our team informed the kids on the nutriments  of the flour and explained to them how it is going to increase their energy in school and to improve their health.